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    How To Book A Sleek And Stylish, Yet Affordable Limousine…And Enjoy A Night Out Dining in Style With A Simple 4 Minute Phone Call

    You’re all dressed up and know exactly which Buffalo restaurant you want to eat at. It’s a special occasion so it’s only natural that you want to ‘treat’ yourself and those involved to a spectacular night; which we can help make happen with one of our dinner limousine packages.

    Buffalo Luxury Limo Service is the transportation leader in Western New York. We specialize in personalized party bus and limousine rental packages and provide the best service in the business.

    Have some wine and dinner. If you love WNY then you know there are some of the very best vineyards just waiting for your presence. Let us take you there so you can enjoy some wine and dinner…and then we’ll drive you home. Our wine tour and limo dinner packages are perfect for this!

    Ideal for large groups or social events. If you have a large group of people going out to dine, why not have everyone ride together and arrive at the restaurant at the same time? We have the best party bus and limo rentals Buffalo NY has to offer.

    Make the most of your evening. A nice, quality steak dinner – got it. Extra tip for the coat room attendant – got that too. A sleek, luxurious limousine ride to the restaurant – most definitely!

    Valet is overrated. Valet service has its perks but not when you don’t particularly wish to drive yourself home. Let us drive you to the restaurant and pick you up afterwards.  

    End the night perfectly. Once you’ve had your delectable meal let us further your wonderful evening with a limo ride home. Enjoy the benefit of not having to drive and getting to enjoy the last hours of your evening; in style! Our Buffalo NY limo service for dinner will make your night one you’ll never forget.

    Recover from your full, yet satisfied, belly. If you’ve enjoyed a big meal at some point in your life you know how uncomfortable it can be to drive home, and how sleepy it can make you feel. Let our local limousine and party bus service drive you home while you rest after your decadent meal. 

    Why You Should Choose Our Limo Rental Company For Your Dining Out Transportation Needs?

    1. We Have Luxury Limos. Our party bus, SUVs, sedans and stretch limousines are some of the finest you’ll discover in Buffalo, NY. Who doesn’t enjoy riding in style, feeling (and being treated) like a VIP everywhere they go?

    2. Exceptional Service. One of our priorities is that every experience is a pleasant and enjoyable one. One way we ensure this every time, is by offering exceptional service; where ever you want to go, we’ll get you there and back home safely! You’ll feel truly spoiled with our dinner limousine rental service.

    3. Expert Drivers. We employ New York licensed drivers with a professional attitude and skill set. Our limo chauffeurs have been trained by experts and follow strict guidelines and regulations. You can expect your driver early (not just on time) with a clean, well-groomed appearance and friendly, yet professional demeanor. 

    4. Flexible. Unlike many limousine companies in Buffalo NY you don’t have to fit your schedule with ours; your scheduled becomes our own. You simply tell us the time and place to pick you up and you can expect us to arrive early.

    5. Full-Package Chauffeur Service. We believe in employing only the best drivers who display character, politeness, professionalism and punctuality. They have been trained to make the customer’s satisfaction their most  important priority.

    Limo Service for Dinner in Buffalo NY

    Call Buffalo Luxury Limo Service now at 716-953-3033, or feel free to complete our online quote form. We can help you customize the perfect limo dinner package for your special night of dining out. Our services are very affordable and suitable for most budgets. Whatever type of vehicle you’re looking for, our local party bus and limousine rental company has you covered. We make it easy to secure a ‘limo rental near you’ in the Buffalo NY area.

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